Ways To Expand Your Network

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Why is it important to expand your network?

“Building a professional network is particularly important for the success of any business. For the recruitment niche, it means meeting new people, broadening your circle, and cultivating meaningful relationships”(LinkedIn).

Make your business stand out from the crowd, build relationships, and stay connected; it gives you more options should you need to start looking for new talent!

Some ways to expand your network:

Look for online recruiter communities on LinkedIn or other social media sites.

npaMany recruiters are already active LinkedIn users. You can look for recruiting groups based on location or specialty, or start your own group that serves your specific needs. Veronica Blatt at NPAWorld.com

Follow Your Followers


masshireMasshire says “Comments by professional colleagues on your company social media postings can source active and passive candidates.  Cultivate these relationships with follow-up communications about your company and your talent needs. They may become candidates themselves for current or future openings”.

Go to Events

niaMichael Stenger at NIA Agency suggests “Attending a local event centered on your niche is a sure-fire way to meet collaborators. These events are designed for that express purpose.

Not only will you meet new people,  you will also learn something new.

It’s not uncommon to come away from a networking event with a stack of business cards that come in handy later.

You can find events in your area through a site like MeetUp or a simple Google search of your niche could suffice”.

Don’t limit yourself to your industry

catherine“Are you already part of a professional organization? Already a regular on your industry’s networking scene? Don’t assume that networking should only be limited to events specifically targeted to your career field! If you have a hobby or special interest you feel passionately about, don’t shy away from attending these types of events as well. While building up your professional network with people within your industry is important, it’s also valuable to expand your network with those who may not work in your field, but do share a common passion with you” (Catherine, at execu search group).

Expand your geographical range

theThis will increase your applicant pool and you never know who is waiting to make a move, literally.

Before the pandemic, remote jobs were scarce and hard to come by but since the pandemic, there has been a jump in remote work. It’s been made away that there are many positions that can be done remotely


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