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Hiring Trends 2019

3 Hiring Trends to Expect in 2019

With the new arrival of a new year comes new changes to the always evolving job landscape. So what hiring trends can employers and potential new hires expect to see in 2019? There’s a bevy of developments that impact all facets of the job market, from wages to workplace diversity to a company’s online presence. […]

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Labor Shortage Problem

3 Potential Solutions to the Labor Shortage Problem in the Construction and Building Products Industries

It is an odd time for major industries in America right now. While unemployment remains at a consistent low of 3.9% and wages increase, many fields still find themselves facing labor shortages. Two of those industries are the construction and building products industries. The construction industry currently averages 200,000 monthly vacancies, while the building products […]

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3 Reasons Why Young Adults Should Join the Construction Industry Right Now

It is currently one of the best times in American history to be looking for work, as the unemployment rate has remained steady at 3.9% over the past couple of months. But there are some specific fields that young adults searching for jobs should be turning to rather than others. One of those particular areas […]

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Labor Shortages

3 Reasons Why There Are Labor Shortages in the Construction and Building Products Industries

Many sectors of the United States economy are currently facing labor shortages. However, two of the most affected areas are the construction and building products industries. There remains a consistent need for work in both fields, but while the demand is there, the supply of skilled, capable workers is currently not. As of right now, […]

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Construction Industry Problems 2018

3 Problems Plaguing the Construction Industry in 2018

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that overall employment for those working in the construction industry will continue to grow by 12% over the next several years. That statistic, along with United States’ 4.0 unemployment rate, as of the end of June, is a strong sign that the construction industry is on the rise. However, […]

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Hiring Process ghosting

How ‘Ghosting’ Is Changing the Hiring Process for Candidates and Recruiters

Thanks to the national unemployment rate in United States reaching the 18-year low of 3.8% in June, the lowest the rate has been since April 2000 (it has since risen slightly to 4.0%), there have been more available positions than there are unemployed workers to fill them. However, this flood of job openings has created problems […]

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Conducting an Interview

4 Details to Pay Attention to When Conducting an Interview

When discussing job interviews, everyone always focuses on what the interviewee needs to do to prep, but what about the interviewer? If you are the person in charge of interviewing candidates at your company, what are the important factors that you need to keep in mind? There are a few different key details that interviewers […]

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Candidate Resumes

4 Key Strengths Hiring Managers Should Look For in Candidate Resumes

A strong resume is just one component of today’s constantly evolving hiring process. However, no matter how much certain things change, resumes remain one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a candidate goes from applying for a job to interviewing for one. Hiring managers are tasked with scanning through an endless […]

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Job Market Construction

How Technology Has Changed the Job Market in the Construction and Building Products Industries

Both the construction and building products industries continue to be on the rise during 2018. Over the course of the next decade, employment for workers in the industries is expected to grow roughly 12 percent overall, which is faster than the American average. But as more and more people search for work in these industries, […]

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Hiring Process

3 Ways Companies Are Changing the Hiring Process in 2018

The unemployment rate in the United States currently sits at 4.1%, and there are nearly 6 million job openings at U.S. companies right now. With more spots to fill than almost ever before, businesses are changing the hiring process to best fit their needs in 2018. So what are these major shifts that businesses are […]

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