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Building Products Industry Jobs

5 Most In-Demand Construction and Building Products Industry Jobs

Currently, in the United States, both the construction and building products industries are on the rise with an influx of new workers and more steady competition than in years past. However, some industry jobs within both fields are more in-demand than others. So which of these construction and building products industry jobs are the most […]

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Roofing Trends

3 Current Roofing Trends You Should Know

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of construction, both residential and commercial, and it is an industry that has continued to grow and develop in recent years. In fact, over the next decade, employment of roofers is expected to increase by 11 percent. With the roofing industry booming, it is more vital than […]

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Resume Tips

7 Resume Tips For the Construction and Building Products Industries

After hitting a major low in 2011, the amount of employees within the construction industry has steadily increased over the past six years. This growth has also led to a recent boom in the building products industry, especially in the residential division. Currently, these industries are two of the most competitive fields of business in […]

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Construction Hiring Trends

Five Current Construction Hiring Trends to Look Out For

Right now is a pretty great time to be in the construction industry. Since hitting a massive low in 2011, the amount of employees within the industry has steadily and consistently increased over the past six years. As of August 2017, over 6.9 million Americans have found employment in the construction industry. The unemployment rate […]

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