When to Hire a Recruiting Firm to Source Hard-to-Find Talent – Ch. 7

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Do you have a new job opening available that you’re seeking specific, hard-to-find talent to fill? 

The recruitment process for niche professionals and specialists can take many months. Plus, it requires businesses to sort through hundreds of resumes and conduct dozens of interviews as well. 

This can all take up valuable time and money, especially if you’re hunting for a suitable senior-level professional for the job. Needless to say, it’s not a quick and easy process.

Luckily, there’s an option available to simplify and streamline this recruitment process considerably. 

Enter third-party recruiting firms. 

Recruiting firms can save businesses time and money alike by assisting them to efficiently and quickly fill positions on a sub-contractual basis. 

You should consider hiring a recruiting firm if:

  • Your business is currently experiencing peak demand
  • It’s just starting to take off and needs your full attention
  • Your upper management is short on time and unable to handle the full recruitment process

These firms can also help find hard-to-source talent quickly for specialized or niche industries.

Here are some of the many benefits of outsourcing your recruitment process to a third-party recruiting firm, especially when you’re seeking hard-to-find talent.

The Benefits of Hiring a Recruiting Firm


Benefit #1: Less Resume Sorting

Anyone who has tackled the hiring process in the past will know just how many applications they’ll receive for a position. There may be fewer applications for a specialized position, but you may still need to handle dozens upon dozens of resumes and applications, regardless. 

Unfortunately, many of the applicants in question will not meet the criteria for the position. However, you’ll still need to spend valuable time reading their resumes to discover this in the first place.

Third-party recruiters make this process considerably less tedious by handling the resume-checking process themselves. Recruiters have undergone training to rapidly spot which CVs have the skills and experience necessary for the job. They will single out the best, most promising applications—and those are the only ones you’ll need to handle.

Ultimately, hiring a recruiting firm frees up time that you can spend focusing on your core business instead of the hiring process. It speeds up recruitment considerably, allowing you to fill vacant positions as quickly as possible.

Benefit #2: More Highly Qualified Candidates

You will come across plenty of applications that don’t meet your business’s needs, particularly when you’re searching for hard-to-find experts. 

Recruiters can ensure that you’re put in touch with more qualified candidates by using their database of thousands of industry professionals and networking with industry leaders to help you find the professional you’re looking for.

Recruiting firms receive payment according to the quality of the candidates they deliver. This means that it’s within their best interests to find the right people for the vacant positions in your company. 

The more suitable the candidates they locate, the more your mutual business partnership will benefit both parties involved.


How to Hire the Right Recruiting Firm

When you hire a recruiting firm, you’ll be forming an integral professional partnership with them. It’s beneficial to know as much as you can about your potential partners, their services, and their processes before inking any binding contracts. Here are some aspects that you should research before hiring a recruiting firm to find the talent your company needs.

Does the firm have any specialized expertise?

Do they specialize in recruiting candidates in specific industries, for example? Is your industry or sector covered by their area of expertise? 

It’s essential to find out if a firm has a strong candidate pool to choose from, especially if you work in a niche industry. Your chosen recruiter should have ample experience in finding the talent that your specific industry or business requires to function at its best.

How extensive is their candidate network?

The resources available to your recruiter, including the size of their candidate network, will directly affect the success of your search for talented staff. 

Your recruiting firm should also have several proven techniques for finding top talent. Some firms allow candidates to submit their resumes to them directly, assessing them personally before deciding where each application would be a suitable fit.

What does their recruitment process entail?

Your future recruiting partner’s processes need to make sense for you and the nature of your business if you’re going to find reliable talent. Many recruiting firms list their processes on their Services or About pages, which you can review to assess their priorities. 

Ideally, you should choose a firm that is willing to collaborate with their clients during the hiring process, and one whose processes are customizable to your unique needs as well. Many recruiting agencies are willing to customize their approaches to focus on clients’ time frames and decisions to streamline recruitment even further.

The Benefits You Need

Hiring a recruiting firm can save you plenty of time and money during the recruitment process. There’s also the option to partner with a PEO, which will take care of recruitment, onboarding, and all other HR and admin-related tasks. Reputable firms can help you quickly and efficiently locate the right talent for your available positions, even if the professionals you’re looking for need to have a very specific set of skills. The key to hiring the right recruiting firm is to search for one that’s willing to collaborate with you, prioritize your needs, and simplify the hiring process in any way they can. Set clear expectations and keep your ideal results in mind, and you’ll find a recruitment firm with search processes that align with your business’s requirements.

Our experienced team of recruiters at Definitive Search Partners are here to take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Schedule a free discovery call to ask us all your questions on how we can source top talent for your hiring needs.


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