Recruiting Top Talent for Roofing Manufacturers – Ch. 8

Finding the best talent to fill top positions at your roofing manufacturing company can be difficult, but doesn’t have to be impossible. A lot has changed about job recruitment in the past decade. It’s time to update your hiring process and make good use of the best new recruitment strategies.

Employee turnover in the construction industry is estimated to be twice the rate of that of most other industries in the United States, therefore proving the importance of an effective, innovative hiring process. Standing out from the competition and giving employees reason to stay is the best way to ensure your company can recruit and keep top talent.

There are many new ways to ensure you will be hiring the best candidates possible, and these can help you fill any of the most important positions such as:

  • CEO
  • CMO
  • Vice-President of Sales
  • Marketing Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Vice-President of Construction
  • Project Supervisor
  • National Account Manager
  • Vice-President of Operations
  • Construction Manager
  • and MANY MORE!

If your company is struggling to recruit the best and brightest in the roofing and construction industry, keep reading for five tips to improve your recruitment results.

Tip 1: Boost Your Benefit Offerings

Benefits 2

Although the first job criteria of most candidates are competitive wages, highlighting your company’s available benefits is a great way to attract quality workers.

In a physically demanding industry, a great way to make your job description stand out from the rest is to emphasize your company’s health care plans. Upgrading your health plans may not be as costly as you think. Offering great health insurance plans is extremely important to attract quality workers. No matter the plan you are offering, emphasize the benefits of your company’s health care plan directly on advertisements so that quality candidates who value great benefits will be attracted to your company.  

Similarly, other benefits offer a significant value to quality candidates looking for long-term positions with a roofing manufacturing company. Remember that you’re not just scouting the perfect fit for your company, but quality candidates are also in search of the best fit for themselves. Offering other high-quality benefits like a 401k match program or other financial benefits will make your job posting stand out amongst the crowd. Emphasizing additional perks of working for your company like career growth opportunities, less travel, more responsibility, and financial growth is essential to attracting the best talent.

Tip 2: Look for Transferable Experience

Screening Option 9

Too often employers in the roofing manufacturing industry have strict criteria for candidate experience and skillset. If you’ve been struggling to source quality candidates with specific experience directly in the roofing manufacturing field, consider pulling talent from slightly outside your niche. 

A former CEO of a competing manufacturing company clearly has the skills to handle similar tasks to the ones you need. However, a CEO from a neighboring field could bring a fresh perspective. A new hire with no preconceived notions concerning your company’s affairs will not be limited by the stale group-think syndrome. Looking for applicable, but not directly identical talent from your current or former employees creates the opportunity to excel in innovation thinking.

Tip 3: Update Your Recruitment Process

Hiring Needs Analysis Option 2

Struggling to find quality workers for your roofing manufacturing company? No improvement can be made when your recruiting process stays the same. Adapting to new ways of recruiting talent is a key factor in improving the results of attracting more and higher quality candidates.

In today’s post-Covid environment employees across all industries are faced with conducting more of their work remotely which is now making it easier for roofing manufacturing companies to conduct more of their recruiting process remotely. Scheduling the first of your multiple interviews with a potential candidate over Zoom will speed up the process, saving you time and money. Efficiency is key. Weeding through the poor candidates will get you to the best ones faster. Expediting the process leaves you more time to focus on the applicants with real potential.

Another way to sift through weak candidates is to set up a personality assessment before beginning an interview process with a potential hire. These tests can ensure a lower turnover rate in new hires, helping to retain the best candidates in your employee search by lowering the need for re-evaluation of a candidate’s position at your company. 

Similarly, if your go-to tactic is posting job advertisements online, but this is delivering inadequate results, finding new ways to advertise your job availability could help. Industry trade shows are a great way to expand your search, as they offer a new type of connection between your company and potential hires. This type of situation allows for a more informal interview process, which creates a new kind of exploration into the qualities of your candidates. On top of the different interview settings, trade shows create a much larger quantity of candidates already experienced in your roofing manufacturing niche often producing very high-quality interviewees that are in passive and active search of a new career pathway. 

Tip 4: Seek Employee Profiles You Want, Not the Employees You Have

Research Option 2

If you are in search of higher quality talent to grow your roofing manufacturing company, chances are you know what your team is currently lacking. This begs the question: what more do you want from your employees? What aspects are missing from your current team?
The answers to these questions will deliver the characteristics of the candidates you seek. To fill the gap, you want to take the time to evaluate your current team’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats both in technical hard skills and personality-related soft skills.

Tip 5: Use a Recruiting Team to Find the Best Talent

Decision Support Option 2

Taking all the work upon yourself makes the process more difficult and consumes valuable time and resources. Acquiring help from experts is a sure-fire way to deliver amazing results. Our team at Definitive Search Partners has access to incredible amounts of candidates – specifically in the roofing manufacturing niche. The initial quality screening can be done for you, thereby saving you a tremendous number of hours, weeks, and even months of reviewing resumes.

At Definitive Search Partners, we are in the business of sourcing top talent. This is what we do every day for decades, so we have honed the most effective strategies to recruit great candidates for the roofing manufacturing industry. Leave the stress of sourcing talent to our experienced team at Definitive Search Partners.

Filling top positions at your company is essential to excelling in the roofing manufacturing industry and is made easier by keeping up with top-notch recruiting processes. Click the button below to schedule a free, no-obligation discovery call.

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QUESTION:  What has been the toughest position for you to fill for your roofing manufacturing company? Please share your comments and questions below.


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