Reasons to Hire an External Recruiter

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Dedicated, Professional Experience

An article written by Exercerlant says “A dedicated in-house recruiter is not often seen in smaller companies, crossso recruiting and hiring become a side duty for human resources or key leaders.  This can be a distraction away from their core responsibilities and is often outside of their skill set.

Working with an external recruiter gives companies a dedicated resource for the project of hiring for an open position and gives a tremendous advantage for finding the best candidates through a professional and effective hiring process”.


Meredith McGhan at Writing Assistance, Inc. states the following…

“It may seem counterintuitive to think that paying a top recruiter can save you money, but consider the cost of hiring the wrong employee”.

“The in-house cost of hiring a new employee can be much higher than the price paid for advertising on job boards or in classified ads. If you’re paying in-house recruiter salaries and benefit packages, or paying other employees for recruiting activities that take them away from normal duties, costs have already skyrocketed.”

“All in all, it pays to partner with an experienced outside recruiter who has a proven track record of matching talent to organizations and knows how to convey the qualities of your company in such a way that top people see long-term career opportunities there — and invest their time and talent in improving your bottom line”.

Recruiters Know How to Communicate With Candidates

recAn article on says “Recruiters spend all day talking to people and are excellent communicators. They are able to talk to candidates about their resumes and backgrounds while detecting red flags and asking the right questions to determine a candidate’s motivation and what they would need in order to consider making a move. Recruiters will also gather information regarding a candidate’s job search, including other companies with which they are interviewing and how they would react to a counteroffer” (Carly Simms, founder of Hummingbird Recruiting).

Time Savings

collColleen E. Frislid, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, at says “Having a dedicated recruiter or recruiting agency can significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes to fill an open position. Without a recruiter, you are relying on other individuals or hiring managers within the company to set aside their operational tasks to spend time recruiting, which is a time-consuming venture. Recruiters are dedicated solely to filling open positions and typically have success in a shorter time period. This helps keep qualified candidates engaged and reduces the risk of losing top talent in a competitive labor market”.

Wide Network

chiChitra Redd at says “External recruiters have a wide network. They keep a data of almost all the candidates available. They have both active and passive candidates on their list.

In addition, they also have an ever-increasing network which makes it easy to procure candidates from different sources in a shorter period of time”.


Recruiters Attract Great Candidates

csCarly Simms says “Qualified recruiters know where to look for the right candidates for a role, and they understand how to source both active and passive candidates. Sometimes, the most qualified candidate for the position is not actively looking for a new job. A recruiter knows how to utilize and leverage their network to target that candidate and sell them on the opportunity”.

Industry Experts

dspRecruiters not only know the art of recruiting but, also, often a recruiter specializes in specific industries as well.

We at Definitive Search Partners have over 15 years of experience in the construction, building materials, and roofing industries. We have placed candidates in large corporations and candidates in small enterprises. We have placed every position from Presidents to Sales Representatives, from Senior Superindents to Project Engineers, and everything in between.

Give us a call today, we’d love to help you find Top Talent.


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