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“Leaders don’t flock. You have to find them one at a time.”

Ross Perot ~

Working with Definitive Search Partners you’ll experience the utmost, professional, comprehensive and cost effective recruiting services that are aimed to exceed your expectations. Clients we work with are so thrilled with the results we deliver that they continue to retain our recruiting services for 5, 10 and 15 years.

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1 – Hiring Needs Analysis

We take the time to conduct a comprehensive discovery to fully understand your company’s goals, purpose, culture, challenges, constraints and hiring needs. We are able to match you up with the right candidates because we take the time in our initial stage to truly listen to your needs. We know details make the critical difference. 

2 – Getting to Know Your Leadership

We want to build a strong foundation of relationships at all levels to gain a 360 experience of your organization. We develop partnerships with your key stakeholders to help assure great working relationships into the future.

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Hiring Needs Analysis Option 10

3 – Refining Your
Job Descriptions

Recruiting top talent today in the commercial construction industry requires more than template job descriptions. A well written, accurate job description is vital to attracting the A-players your company needs. 

Here we offer our expertise to guide you on defining exactly what you want and don’t want, so that we can craft the right language in communicating the job responsibilities, details about the culture, advancement opportunities and work life balance.

4 – Research

We leverage technology together with our vast network of relationships to research, analyze and identify a wide pool of high potentials who fit your commercial construction candidate criteria. 

Public job boards don’t find great candidates. Definitive Search Partners recruiters do. The best talent isn’t actively looking for a career move. But, we know who would be open to entertaining the right offer. We know where to find them and what it would take to grab their attention, interest and desire to work with your commercial construction company.

Research Option 1
Hiring Needs Analysis Option 4

5 – Screening &
Secret Sauce

Here we use a multi step process to screen and evaluate candidates to assess they are the right fit to fulfill your specific skills requirements, long term capability, personality-culture fit, salary fit, and industry background-experience fit. 

This is where we get to know all the candidates. We stay engaged with ongoing dialogue to not only vet their skills and abilities, but our “secret sauce” is our unique ability to “sell” them on the opportunity with your organization that other commercial construction search firms struggle to do.

6 – Delivering Top Talent Choices

Upon completion of the deep research, identification, screening, evaluation and pre-selling your organization you’ll then receive a summary list of the top commercial construction talent we hand-picked just for you.

You’ll see why so many commercial construction companies like yours continue to partner with Definitive Search Partners for ongoing placements for a successful relationship that reaps talent rewards for you for years to come.

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7 – Hiring
Decision Support

We are deeply committed to your long term success. When you partner with Definitive Search Partners we are an extension of your team.

We have a rigorous approach to assure all your candidates’ references are checked. We communicate feedback to candidates, can assist you with contract negotiations, so you can have the confidence that the people you bring on board have the experience and passion to drive results.

We Believe…

♦ We believe the only way we succeed is by helping you succeed.
♦ We believe people are the #1 best investment to becoming the leader in your industry.
♦ We believe relationships are everything. We invest heavily in all our client relationships.
♦ We believe the only way to make the dream work is to get the right team to work together.
♦ We believe when you love the people you work with, you’ll never work a day in your life.
♦ We believe people are not your most important asset. The right people are.

mark schlagheck

Mark Schlagheck, VP of Sales-Retail / Key Accounts

Derby Building Products


We had tried to fill the position ourselves and the quality and quantity of candidates we were getting was less than satisfactory. From the moment we hired Definitive Search Partners they had an excellent database of quality candidates to choose from and were able to fill the position in a very short amount of time.

We filled the position quickly with a quality candidate. DSP contributed by listening closely to our needs and executed quickly because of their database of existing candidates that could fulfill our needs but equally as important they took the time to find a good cultural fit for our organization.

I am a repeat customer.

Manaya Robertson

Manaya Robertson, Bilingual Sales & Marketing Specialist, MBA


Jill is the most thorough, professional and down to earth recruiter I have ever worked with. She made sure I was more than prepared throughout every phase of the hiring process to deal with moving forward or next steps if I wasn’t.

She followed up in a timely fashion , was very persistent, and communicated clearly. I can’t thank her enough for helping me through the transition during my career change. We have continued to stay in touch!


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Many search firms today often hire young college grads who just don’t have the skill sets yet to truly be effective at recruiting top talent for you.

When you work with us at Definitive Search Partners you’re getting seasoned experts in recruiting for your industry.

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“Most recruiting firms in both building products and commercial construction are notorious for being heavily transactional. 

What sets us apart is we are heavily relational. 

Our active listening skills equips us to deliver exactly what you want and need to see in candidates we source. “

Jim McKenna,
President, Definitive Search Partners

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