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The Horrors of Ghosting in Business

One of the biggest problems affecting the recruitment industry today is “Ghosting”. The thing about this particular problem of professional ghosting, however, is that it hurts the candidate far more than the recruiter; the recruiter will simply move on to another candidate who will receive the spoils of a new, fantastic job, while you, the […]

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Outlook for the 2020 Building Materials Industry

The state of the 2020 building materials industry contains some interesting data. For example, housing starts are flat in the U.S., and remodeling is a bright spot expected to ebb. The state of the 2020 building materials industry shows a slowing global economy coupled with tariffs are cautioning building materials manufacturers and creating uncertainty despite […]

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3 Hiring Tips for Fast-Growing Companies

The average growth rate for a company is between 15% and 45% from year to year, but there are some incredibly successful businesses that outpace that number. This level of achievement is a feat of which business owners should be proud. However, rapid development can sometimes distract members of fast-growing companies from important decisions, particularly […]

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