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Coronavirus, how it may affect construction and hiring

Most of us are probably familiar with, by now, the meme illustrating Stephen King’s It loitering at subterranean levels in the sewers with promises of hand sanitizer. It is an evil entity that shapeshifts, manifesting itself into its victims’ greatest fears and projecting them; It might be fair to draw a slight parallel to coronavirus […]

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The Horrors of Ghosting in Business

One of the biggest problems affecting the recruitment industry today is “Ghosting”. The thing about this particular problem of professional ghosting, however, is that it hurts the candidate far more than the recruiter; the recruiter will simply move on to another candidate who will receive the spoils of a new, fantastic job, while you, the […]

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Soft Skills 2019

How Hiring Managers Can Best Assess Job Candidates’ Soft Skills

During the hiring process, hiring mangers pay a great deal of attention to a candidate’s hard skills, the quantifiable abilities that potential new hires have gained through education, certification, or prior work experience. However, just as crucial as a recruit’s hard skills are their soft skills, their interpersonal or “people” skills. Unlike hard skills, though, […]

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Calling Job Candidates

Why Calling Job Candidates Can Be More Beneficial Than Emailing Them

Emailing job candidates has become more challenging in recent years as everyone’s inboxes are flooded with a deluge of daily messages. In fact, in 2019, it is projected that over 246 billion emails will be sent and received ever day. How does one stand out and improve their open email rates in such an over-saturated […]

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The Cost of Waiting for the Perfect Job Candidate

Those seeking employment have been able to be much more selective about the positions they take in recent years, a trend that has continued throughout the first half of 2019 due to the reduced unemployment rate. As of April 5, that rate remains at 3.5%. People searching for work throughout multiple industries, including construction and […]

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Hiring Trends 2019

3 Hiring Trends to Expect in 2019

With the new arrival of a new year comes new changes to the always evolving job landscape. So what hiring trends can employers and potential new hires expect to see in 2019? There’s a bevy of developments that impact all facets of the job market, from wages to workplace diversity to a company’s online presence. […]

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Hiring Process ghosting

How ‘Ghosting’ Is Changing the Hiring Process for Candidates and Recruiters

Thanks to the national unemployment rate in United States reaching the 18-year low of 3.8% in June, the lowest the rate has been since April 2000 (it has since risen slightly to 4.0%), there have been more available positions than there are unemployed workers to fill them. However, this flood of job openings has created problems […]

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Hiring Process

3 Reasons Why You Need to Speed Up Your Hiring Process in 2018

In June 2018, the national unemployment rate was 3.8%, the lowest it had been in 18 years. Currently, it sits at 4.0%. It’s the best time to be looking for work in nearly two decades, and this job market shift has forced almost every company throughout the United States to reexamine its hiring process. But what […]

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Conducting an Interview

4 Details to Pay Attention to When Conducting an Interview

When discussing job interviews, everyone always focuses on what the interviewee needs to do to prep, but what about the interviewer? If you are the person in charge of interviewing candidates at your company, what are the important factors that you need to keep in mind? There are a few different key details that interviewers […]

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Hiring Mistakes

5 Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

The hiring process continues to change every year. However, some things always remain the same, no matter how different the job market is, such as the common hiring mistakes that every hiring manager should be aware of, no matter what industry you’re involved in. So what are these frequent problems? How can they harm your […]

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