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Are you struggling to find quality candidates on your own?

Have you tried other building products recruiters only to discover they don’t really understand your business to source the right candidates?

Your company needs to find and attract top operations talent to compete in today’s economy. Partner with Definitive Search Partners to speed your hiring success. We are the industry’s trusted experts in sourcing high quality candidates with the proven skill sets your company needs most.


What sets us apart from other building materials search firms is the deep insights from our 20 years working in the building products industry. Jim Mckenna actually sold in the industry prior to going into recruiting.  During this time he sold to all national one and two step distribution chains, buying groups along with Big Box retail.  Jim also perfected the art of “pull through selling” with contractors and builders through building relationships and an understanding of the day to day tasks of running their business.  

We are able to quickly match you with the right candidates because we understand the unique needs of the building products industry, your language and how your business is run. Leverage our expertise to help you save time and frustration trying to fill difficult talent needs and find candidates who understand your customer base.

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Ben Leonhardt

Ben Leonhardt, Contractor Sales Representative

IKO Industries


Jill is incredible at what she does and truly raises the bar as an executive recruiter. Her skills in coaching, mentoring, and recruiting are the best in the business.

Doug Schanz

Doug Schanz, Strategic Accounts Leader

Roofing Systems Group


Simply stated, DSP’s deep understanding of our industry allowed us to accelerate our hiring process by having quality, meaningful discussions with candidates much faster than in the past. The quality and “match” of the candidates DSP provided was far better than in other searches based on their experience and expertise within our business segment.

During our last search for two key sales roles, DSP was able to provide a strong list of candidates from the outset which enabled us to move very quickly and fill these positions. This combination of speed and quality allowed us to onboard the new hires more quickly and therefore provide a higher level of satisfaction to our clients

When you find a trusted and competent partner it makes good business sense to continue and build the relationship.

ROI of Hiring a Building Products Recruiter

The most forward thinking companies look at hiring a recruiter who specializes in the building products industry from a return on investment perspective rather than seeing recruiting fees as an expense.

As experienced professional building products recruiters this is what we do every single day. We can save you from costly hiring mistakes. We maintain and cultivate a large network of expert consultants and candidates with experience in the building materials industry, which allows us to efficiently and cost effectively provide you with the caliber of talent and expertise you need to advance your company.

Studying endless piles of resumes is a laborious, time consuming, tedious task only to find one or two potential candidates. Consider the missed opportunity cost to your organization if you tried to handle all the recruiting on your own.

Our Recruiting Areas of Expertise
in the Building Products Industry

⇒ Distribution (Branch Managers, Operations, Sales)
⇒ Engineered Lumber
⇒ EIF’s
⇒ Flooring (commercial, residential, Industrial)
⇒ Industrial Coatings and Sealants

⇒ Roofing (Commercial and Residential)
⇒ Siding (Vinyl / Cementitious / Metal / Wood)
⇒ The entire building envelope (Waterproofing, wall systems, roofing)
⇒ Windows

Rob Wehr

Rob Wehr, Vice-President - Business Development & National Accounts


DSP does an excellent job for Ludowici and Terreal North America in finding and presenting qualified candidates for job descriptions we create.  I have been impressed with the number of quality and qualified candidates DSP is able to present to us and typically in a short period of time.  Most recently, we have used DSP to fulfill (2) important sales opportunities in our organization, one was at a local/territory level and the other was at a national level.  Both candidates are doing very well for us.

DSP has brought significant improvements to our recruitment process by taking the time to research targeted candidates that fit  our exact needs.  This takes a lot of time, time that our HR department does not always have because of the HR functions we have to tend to for our 200 employee organization.

Both myself, the VP of Sales/Marketing, and our CEO have known and used Jim and his team over the years and we stay in regular contact with each other.  Jim and his team are professional and have helped deliver good results for our needs.

Jack Garnett

Jack Garnett, North Area Regional Sales Manager

STO Corp

I first worked with Jim at Definitive Search Partners (DSP) as a candidate where he placed with an International Building Materials manufacturer of waterproofing and wall systems. I now work with (DSP) as a Hiring Manager at my current company. (DSP) has helped me find the candidates with the background I am looking for in a fast and timely manner.

Building Products Recruiters & Executive Search
Specializing in Filling Roles Like:

⇒ All executive levels including CEO’s.
⇒ Manufacturing
       ⇒ Plant Managers
       ⇒ Engineers
⇒ Sales Positions
       ⇒ Territory Sales
       ⇒ National Accounts
⇒ Sales Management
       ⇒ Regional
       ⇒ District Managers

⇒ Technical Reps
Field Service
⇒ Marketing
Product Managers
       ⇒ Marketing Managers
       ⇒ advertising
⇒ R&D

Brandi Duncan

Brandi Duncan, Director of Human Resources

Johns Manville

A current employee referred us to DSP when we were looking for candidates.  He said that they helped him find positions over their career and could help us.  Definitive Search Partners has helped me tremendously in filling my positions. They know the market and can produce qualified candidates in way less time than it would take to search on our own. 

The time it takes to fill positions with qualified candidates in markets where we do not have a huge network is the biggest value add that DSP gives our organization.  The results produced were better than expected.  We have always struggled with certain roles in certain areas and they were able to identify qualified candidates in a short period of time. It was definitely worth it to move our business forward!

Len Moreci

Len Moreci, Consulting Specialist

Moreci & Associates


Jim and I worked together at GAFMC. Jim was known as a top producer and educator for new hires. I attended a great training program taught by Jim and benefited from his practical training and real life experience. Over the yrs. Jim mentored and trained many new hires like me. Jim was known as the go to guy who worked tirelessly to make it happen in a high stress results oriented company. I highly recommend Jim to anyone who could benefit from his expertise.

We Believe…

♦ We believe the only way we succeed is by helping you succeed.
♦ We believe people are the #1 best investment to becoming the leader in your industry.
♦ We believe relationships are everything. We invest heavily in all our client relationships.
♦ We believe the only way to make the dream work is to get the right team to work together.
♦ We believe when you love the people you work with, you’ll never work a day in your life.
♦ We believe people are not your most important asset. The right people are.

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“If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don’t have to manage them.”

Jack Welch ~

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