3 Hiring Tips for Fast-Growing Companies

The average growth rate for a company is between 15% and 45% from year to year, but there are some incredibly successful businesses that outpace that number. This level of achievement is a feat of which business owners should be proud. However, rapid development can sometimes distract members of fast-growing companies from important decisions, particularly when it comes to hiring.

When a company is progressing rapidly, its key leaders need to remain focused on the details of the hiring process to ensure that the business maintains that level of success. Small but important actions can be taken to help solidify an organization’s workforce and create a strong, positive workplace environment and public reputation.

Is your business growing at such a quick rate that you feel like you can hardly keep up with it? If so, read on for three hiring tips for fast-growing companies.

Hire the Right People, Not Just the Best Resumes

For any position in any business, it is important to evaluate the candidate’s skills, both hard and soft. Whoever joins your company needs to be qualified for whichever role they fill. But it is still important, especially for hiring managers at quickly developing organizations, to consider more than what is just on the page of a potential employee’s resume.

What a fast-growing business needs just as much as qualified job candidates is dedicated members of their team. The average number years that a salaried employee stays at their current job is 4.2. That figure decreases slightly to 3.2 years for new hires between the age of 25 and 34.

While a potential new hire’s talents and experience may look impressive on paper, it is also important to consider their sense of loyalty and interest in being a team player. See how they respond to hypothetical problem-solving scenarios in which they are required to be a leader. Examine whether or not they have a history of job hopping every few months.

Try to find someone that will click with you and your co-workers on both a professional and, if possible, personal level. Make them an integral member of your business.

Seek Out Diversity

It is beneficial to recruit workers that have similar mindsets to you and your colleagues, but if you are only hiring carbon copies of the same individuals, it could potentially damage your business. Just as essential as searching for team members that work well together is discovering new hires that provide your work environment with diversity.

Interview candidates who come from various backgrounds. Don’t subconsciously discriminate against gender, race, or sexuality. Make sure your Human Resources department has diversity goals they plan to meet.

Engage with job candidates who can bring new, fresh plans and objectives to your organization so that ideas don’t become stale and growth doesn’t stall.

Establish Your Company’s Culture and Brand

Fast-growing companies can lead to fast-paced work environments, in which superiors rarely check in on workers and simply ask, “How are you doing?” or tell them, “You’re doing excellent work. You need to take the time to make sure that your employees feel safe and valued.

Create a workplace culture that encourages hard work but that also fosters an open sharing of ideas. Ideally, every employee should feel confident and comfortable speaking their mind in a professional manner.

Establishing a positive company culture can also extend to a more favorable company brand, the image you want to show to the public. If your workers feel valued, they will share that feeling with the community, possibly resulting in your business becoming more popular with potential customers and clients.

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