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3 Hiring Trends to Expect in 2019

With the new arrival of a new year comes new changes to the always evolving job landscape. So what hiring trends can employers and potential new hires expect to see in 2019?

There’s a bevy of developments that impact all facets of the job market, from wages to workplace diversity to a company’s online presence. For more details, check out the three specific hiring trends below.

True Growth in Wages

For about the past decade, wages across nearly all industries have remained at a standstill. However, if the end of 2018 is any indication, true, real growth in wages should be expected as we head into 2019.

Near the end of 2018, wage growth was the highest it had been since 2009. With labor shortages across numerous industries, including the construction industry, many companies are going to remain desperate for skilled, talented workers, and increased wages is a guaranteed way to entice them. Therefore, expect this growth in wages to continue for at least the start of 2019.

Diversity Hiring Practices Will Remain Important But Will Continue to Develop

Diversity and inclusivity are not “trends” themselves; they are factors that are more important to the workplace than ever before. Fortunately, most companies see the value of diversity and inclusivity and will continue to place emphasis on them throughout 2019.

However, the trends that may change this year are the practices by which businesses try to increase their diversity.

Some companies have had issues implementing technology in their diversity hiring strategies in the past. Until all the kinks of those tools are proven to be more effective, expect companies to rely on practices that have been successful in the past, such as gathering diverse hiring teams and blind hiring. However, these previous issues with technology will not dissuade too many businesses from trying to develop more effective, technologically based hiring tools throughout 2019.

Continued Emphasis on Mobile Platforms and Online Profiles

It’s not a groundbreaking or eye-opening statement to say that most job candidates in 2019 are constantly on their phones. However, it’s important for companies to keep this fact in mind when they are developing their own mobile sites and online profiles.

Candidates are not only using their mobile devices more to search for jobs; they are also using them to submit their applications. Therefore, companies should place more emphasis on being mobile-friendly, from their websites to their social media profiles to how they ask potential new hires to apply.

Speaking of social media, how a business’s brand is represented on its social media accounts is also hugely important to candidates in this day and age where Facebook has over one billion monthly active accounts and Twitter has 335 million active monthly users worldwide.

If you’re an employer and don’t believe your potential new hires are examining your social media presence, you’re wrong. Use your website and social media accounts to provide an honest, appealing snapshot of your company’s culture and to give candidates an accurate picture of what they’ll be doing if and when they join your team.

Going Forward

These three trends are some of the most important factors to for companies and candidates to keep in mind heading into 2019. However, they will not be the only elements that play a role in the constantly evolving job market.

Be sure to focus on these trends and be open to learning about other new ones as this new year continues. This type of mindset will ensure that you are in the best position possible to succeed in 2019.

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