3 Reasons Why Young Adults Should Join the Construction Industry Right Now

It is currently one of the best times in American history to be looking for work, as the unemployment rate has remained steady at 3.9% over the past couple of months. But there are some specific fields that young adults searching for jobs should be turning to rather than others. One of those particular areas is the construction industry.

Why should young adults be joining the construction industry in right now? Read on and learn three major reasons why.

Thousands of Job Openings That Need Young Workers

There are currently over six million job openings in the United States, and roughly 200,000 available positions a month exist in the construction industry. That’s 200,000 vacant slots per month in an industry that regularly employs as many as two million Americans, from laborers to project managers.

And hiring managers want to fill these openings with younger workers, especially because the median age of a construction worker is 42.6. Less than 10 percent of the industry’s workers are younger than 25, and that figure is lower than the national average, illustrating that the majority of construction workers are older.

Not to mention, many of these older workers, the “baby boomers,” will be leaving the workforce soon, or are already on their way out. Hiring managers are eager to add an influx of young, skilled, and passionate new employees to replenish the workforce and inject some much-needed energy into the industry.

Wage Increases

The current median pay for construction laborers is $33,450 per year, while construction managers are averaging earnings of $91,370 annually. However, during 2017, the top 10 percent of construction laborers garnered an annual salary of $63,000, while construction managers of the same status earned roughly $160,000.

But even non top-tier level employees are bringing in more cash because of labor shortages within the industry. The need for more skilled workers has helped increase wages for non-managerial, non-sales, and non-accounting roles by 3.6 percent from May 2017 to May 2018. That number is almost a full percentage higher than the wage gain of 2.8 percent that employees of similar rank across the rest of the economy received during this space of time.

College Not Necessary

One of the most appealing aspects of a construction industry position is that a college education is not a prerequisite. High school students concerned about the high costs of universities can learn a trade profession instead.

By opting to become a trade worker after high school graduation rather than pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in college, young adults can take advantage of an opportunity that will allow them to earn money more quickly and at a younger age than their peers. Plus, this decision will also prevent them from falling into massive debt due to student loans and supply them with what could potentially be a lifelong career.

Going Forward

The booming economy and consistent business of the construction industry makes joining the field a more attractive option than ever before. Young adults should keep these advantages in mind as they consider whether or not the construction industry is the right fit for them.

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