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4 Key Strengths Hiring Managers Should Look For in Candidate Resumes

A strong resume is just one component of today’s constantly evolving hiring process. However, no matter how much certain things change, resumes remain one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a candidate goes from applying for a job to interviewing for one.

Hiring managers are tasked with scanning through an endless number of resumes with each new job opening at their company. They try to decide which potential new hires deserve to become full-time employees.

So what should hiring mangers be seeking out when they pour through file after file? Which strengths should they be looking for? What should make certain candidates stand out to them?

Read on to discover four key strengths that hiring managers should look for in candidates’ resumes.

Leadership Roles

In 2018, getting hired is less about how you are prepared for the present and more about what you can potentially bring to the future of a business.

Hiring managers aren’t looking for workplace drones to fill static positions for the next decade. They want workers with new ideas who are ready to take charge to populate their companies.

Great indicators for these types of employees are past leadership roles. These are roles that candidates may have previously held within a company’s particular industry, with former employers outside of that specific field, or even through volunteer work.

These positions show that these potential hires know how to communicate and coordinate with team members in order to organize and conduct major projects. Those are crucial skills that employers are always searching for. They want to hire people who have the capacity to move up within the company’s ranks and become future industry leaders.

Awards and Accolades

Similar to leadership roles, awards and accolades are also a strong sign of the type of impact a candidate could have on your business.

Hiring managers should keep an eye out for terms like “best,” “outstanding,” “most,” and “of the year” when they scan through employment and education description in resumes.

Even if the recognition that a potential hire received was not within your specific industry, it still signals that they have a drive and determination that could benefit your company.

Confidence and Modesty

Hiring managers should expect applicants to begin their resumes with qualification summaries instead of object statements. These summaries detail what these new hires can do for your company instead of what you can do for them and showcase whether or not they truly believe in their abilities.

However, a potential hire’s list of skills and their desire to assist your company should not come off as arrogant. They should be able to strike a nice balance between confidence and modesty, explaining what they offer to your business without seeming like they are trying to convince you that they can run the whole thing themselves.

Clear, Concise Descriptions

All hiring mangers already want and should continue to crave clear, concise descriptions from candidates within their resumes.

Each sentence on a resume should be precise, painting a well-defined image of what the recruit has done in previous jobs and how they could succeed in this new position. Most, if not all phrases, should contain action words and power verbs.

In addition to strong word choice, one last major factor in making these descriptions clear and concise is proper spelling and grammar. No hiring manager should have to struggle through candidates’ resumes because they  misspell an unnecessarily fancy or elaborate word, or do not know what subject/verb agreement is.

Going Forward

Be sure to keep all of these factors in mind as you read and review potential employees’ resumes for job openings at your business.

These four suggestions can help you more easily determine which candidates are the right choices for your company.

Do you have any other questions or concerns about resumes or the hiring process in general? If so, please contact us so we can assist you!

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