Top Candidate Qualities 2018

Top Candidate Qualities Employers Are Looking For in 2018

The unemployment rate in the United States currently sits at 4.1%, a number that drops to just 2.1% when you’re talking about workers with at least a bachelor’s degree. There are nearly 6 million job openings at U.S. companies right now. Have these new developments changed how employers look for candidates in 2018? The short answer: yes.

As unemployment figures have changed, the characteristics and skills valued by recruiters have evolved as well. A resume filled with previous experience isn’t enough anymore.

Employers are seeking specific attributes from their new hires that can’t simply be illustrated through numbers, and they are giving them less time to showcase these traits. The hiring process has gone from upwards of five to six interviews to just one or two. Hiring managers are appearing to trust their instincts more and more; for them, it’s more about the character of the person they are hiring and less about the candidate’s job history and past experience.

So what are these must-have strengths that those seeking employment will want to demonstrate? What should your company be looking for as it interviews recruits? Read on to discover the top candidate qualities that employers are looking for in 2018.

Willingness to Learn and Potential

Employers nowadays are less interested in what you’ve done in the past and more about what you can bring to the present and add to the future. They want job candidates to be curious about the position they are taking on; new hires should consider new ideas and strategies and be open to any and all possibilities within their industry.

However, employers also believe that these recruits should be willing to learn about themselves and adapt to new situations and circumstances. New hires need to be accepting of feedback about how they can improve or evolve and not take it as solely criticism—they need to apply it to their work.

Ultimately, companies are seeking candidates that have potential. That’s a defining quality in today’s job market.

Tech Efficiency and Creativity

Candidates’ tech skills remain a priority for employers as virtually every business in the United States moves towards some type of digital platform. Most businesses require employees to have adequate knowledge of the latest technological trends and applications, particularly how these tools can be utilized within their particular industry.

However, what employers appear to be gravitating towards more in today’s hiring world are tech-efficient candidates who have ideas of how to push these digital boundaries even further. They are especially keen to hire employees who don’t simply have sufficient technological knowledge but can use that knowledge in a creative way.

Humility and Compassion

Many people picture the job market as a ruthless battlefield filled with cutthroat competitors. They don’t see any room for emotions when it comes to landing a new position; it’s all about the practical skills that you possess.

But that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore, as employers are putting a greater emphasis on “soft skills” as they search for new hires. In particular, companies are looking for candidates that exude humility and compassion.

Why those specific traits? According to many job market experts, these qualities represent leadership in a way that many other characteristics don’t.

Humility and compassion showcase the importance of human connection in the workplace. Whether we are discussing co-workers or clients, people want to feel like they are a part of a team and that they have a greater purpose; having an emotional bond with their boss or business partner will provide that.

Candidates that display humility and compassion establishing themselves as a potential leaders, and employers want to have them on their side as they move into the future.

Going Forward

These qualities are by no means the only factors that businesses consider when seeking new candidates.

But right now, in 2018, they play a significant role in the hiring process and are what all employers are searching for from their ideal candidates.

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