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5 Key Strengths to Look For in Construction and Building Products Industry Candidates

Jobs in the construction and building products industries are more in-demand right now than they have been in years. Employment for positions such as roofer and branch manager is expected to grow between 11 to 12% in the coming decade, which means businesses in these industries can expect to see an influx of potential candidates.

But what types of qualities should employers be on the lookout for when evaluating new recruits? Which strengths are the most important ones to consider when hiring new employees within the construction and building products industries?

Read on to discover the five key strengths that construction and building products businesses should look for in candidates right now.


Technique is particularly important when it comes to construction, no matter what type of position a candidate is applying for.

With the ever-evolving technology of construction, it is essential that recruits keep up to date with the latest equipment and methods that those in their respective fields use.

Candidates should be able to identify and employ these specific practices upon request and present past history of work as well. This guarantees not only the correct completion of the assigned construction job but also the safety of their fellow workers.

If a recruit specializes in a particular field, such as roofing, it is crucial that he or she know that field inside and out. Those who apply for the more varied work of a construction laborer should have some type of past experience in multiple areas and be willing and able to learn new skills on the job.

Attention to Detail

Similar to a candidate’s technique in the construction industry, his or her attention to detail is also vital to the job.

No matter what the position is, a potential employee needs to pay careful attention and focus intently when he or she is on the job. This ensures that not only is the project finished in an efficient and timely manner but also that all team members remain safe and free from possible injury.

Meanwhile, attention to detail for a branch or sales manager in the building products industry is crucial for the business’ financial security. Ensuring that numbers are absolutely correct when it comes to budgets and inventory can be the difference between a company succeeding and failing.

Physical and Mental Strength

Any type of construction work requires a certain amount of physical strength. The work performed by laborers across all fields is physically demanding and, depending on the job, can be quite extensive.

However, there’s also a mental fortitude that is necessary for any candidate applying to be a construction manager. These managers organize, budget, and oversee construction projects from the initial stages until the very end. Being in charge of so many facets on a construction site calls for an individual who can think on his or her feet but also take the necessary time to observe, consider, and ultimately make key decisions on a daily basis.

This same type of intelligence and decision-making ability is also essential for branch managers in the building products industry. Usually, branch managers are responsible for daily operations, P&L, managing and developing the business’ staff, budgeting, and managing inventory.

Similar to a construction manager, branch manager is a position of leadership. The person who takes on this role is expected to have an extensive knowledge of the industry as a whole and set an example with his or her choices and actions.

Teamwork and Flexibility

In both the construction and building products industries, employees will be expected to work with team members.

For construction, this may mean physically working alongside another person, utilizing tools on an actual job site. It could also refer to a project manager, who has to keep the team united while also issuing out individual responsibilities.

Within the building products industry, a recruit’s team could potentially be even larger than the amount of people on the construction site given the supply-demand nature of the business and the numerous smaller roles within certain companies.

This is why flexibility is so critical in both the construction and building products industries. It’s not simply about potentially long hours or shifting roles, although adaptability there is significant as well.

More importantly, though, candidates have to be team players and amenable to all different types of personalities in order to guarantee the success of a project from beginning to end.

Going Forward

When deciding on the right candidates to hire for your business in either the construction or building products industry, be sure to keep these five strengths in mind.

Assessing whether or not a recruit possesses these qualities could be the difference between finding an adequate employee and the best employee.

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