5 Tips For Recruiting the Best Candidates

With the current unemployment rate in the United States sitting at 4.1%, the lowest number it’s been since 2000, and job vacancies nearing 6 million as of November 2017, the job market in America is the best it’s been in over a decade.

However, as more potential employees seek to fill these empty positions, it becomes more difficult for hiring managers to find their ideal candidates. In a sea of recruits, what do you need to look for to find the best one?

Read on to discover five tips hiring managers can follow to make sure they recruit the best candidates possible for their business.

Hire the “Sure Thing”

What do we mean by “sure thing”? Simply put, we’re saying hire the most qualified person possible.

Obviously, that sounds like common sense. Every hiring manager wants to find the best employee for the job. However, in order to do this, trust history, past experience, and past achievements more than your gut.

You want someone who has held a position like this in the past, someone who has worked in this industry for a good bit of time, and someone who has worked for a business or company that is similar to yours.

Don’t waste time with on-the-job training. Find the right candidate who can hit the ground running and perform well for you right out of the gate. You want results as quickly as possible, and the “sure thing” will get you those.

Use Your Website to the Fullest

Your website should be more than just an “About Us” or “Contact Us” page and the products and services you offer. If you’re looking for new hires, use your website to its fullest capacity so that potential employees will know what to look for.

Establish an employment section on your site that showcases available positions, descriptions and responsibilities for those openings, requirements for those jobs, and contact information for your company.

Make this employment section as user-friendly as possible. Have your information be clear and concise and, wherever possible, provide helpful inbound links that will direct to other pages on your website.

Use Any and All Outside Resources to Help With Your Search

When it comes to hiring the right employee for your business, don’t be afraid to look to others for assistance.

Explore industry contacts that you have. Interact with other colleagues through industry groups and at trade shows and conferences within your particular industry. Don’t be afraid to network, and follow up on any and every lead.

You can also turn to your current employees. Whether they recommend a potential hire, review candidates’ resumes and qualifications, or conduct interviews, their help and input could be instrumental in finding the right fit for your business.

Lastly, consider utilizing the talents of a recruiting firm. Their team could be extremely beneficial to your company, and most of them are more than happy to take on new clients.

Check Recruits’ References

Checking potential employees’ references might seem like another no-brainer. However, in these highly volatile times in which we currently live, in which almost every person is armed with legal representation at the ready, it’s more important than ever to do your i’s and cross your t’s.

It is imperative that you not only carefully check your candidates’ references but that you also conduct in-depth background checks as well. Leave no stone unturned; you only want to bring in the best people possible that will help your business grow.

Furthermore, if you fail to perform proper reference and background checks and a new hire harms another one of your employees in some way, you may be liable.

Don’t fear these unlikely issues. Do thorough checks and ensure you’re hiring the right people.

Regularly Contact and Connect With Interested Candidates

After you’ve determined that a candidate is both qualified and interested, it is your job as a hiring manager to keep in regular contact with them. Don’t let a potentially great hire slip through your fingers.

Be sure to respond when strong candidates submit their resumes. Thank them for their interest in your company. Encourage them to stay connected by subscribing to your company’s newsletter.

Even if there are no positions available at the time, continue to connect with these candidates. Update them on new job openings, and maybe even invite them to visit your business if and when they are in the area (if they live locally, this is especially easy).

Nurture these relationships. Put the same type of care and concern into them that you already do with your current industry colleagues.

Wrapping Up

When searching for new hires, be sure to keep these five tips in mind. Although these suggestions may seem pretty apparent, they can also serve as a useful refresher before you or a fellow employee embarks on the recruiting process.

By following these steps, you’re all but guaranteed to find the perfect fit for any and all available positions at your business.

Do you have any other questions or concerns regarding the recruiting or hiring process? If so, please contact us so we can help!

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