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Definitive Search Partners is the premiere, trusted executive search recruiting firm specializing in sourcing top talent for the Building Products and Commercial Construction industries.

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Find a Job

Are You Having a Hard Time …

Finding Quality Candidates

That Fit Salary Criteria with Industry Background?

You want to attract top talent to grow your company, but recruiting top talent is a full time job. Sifting through hundreds of resumes yourself is time consuming and overwhelming usually ending up with finding only one or two qualified candidates

Perhaps you're an HR executive and you’re already too busy travelling for work while juggling numerous responsibilities. Or you’re a senior level manager who is responsible for P&L, sales quotas and has multiple direct reports. Your time and energy can get quickly drained from getting into the weeds of the project of trying to hire and recruit yourself. Stop and pause to ask yourself…

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Does putting in the long hours to recruit top talent yourself
serve your business for the future you want to create?

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Organizations who try to handle all the hiring yourself too often fall into the trap of hiring too quickly ~ understandably because you want to hurry to get back to doing your actual job of running the company or the division you head up. 

Handling all the recruiting yourself is also riddled with blind spots that commonly turn into very costly hiring mistakes. 

Definitive Search Partners helps you Find Top Talent without the headaches

Not All Executive Search Firms Are Alike

Most executive search firms are notorious for ….
That’s why we at Definitive Search Partners …

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5 Key Strengths DSP
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Hire with Confidence!

Definitive Search Partners is
Your Trusted Executive Search Firm.


We deliver the talent your company needs
to grow to the next level of success.

At Definitive Search Partners, we have first-hand experience working in the Building Products and Civil / Commercial Construction industry before we became recruiters.

 This is what fuels our unique “super-power”...

...being able to quickly source, identify and recruit the RIGHT top talent to help take your organization from where you are to where you want to be over the next one, three, five and ten years.

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Find Out Why So Many Other Companies 

Choose Definitive Search Partners.

We specialize in sourcing top talent for Building Products and Civil / Commercial Construction industries.

We have successfully worked with some of the largest and well known manufacturers and distributors in the Building Materials Industry along with many of the largest national General Contractors in civil / commercial construction and roofing in the country.

While working with the larger organizations we have also excelled in specializing in working with the unique needs of SMB size companies and family run companies trying to grow past 5M-10M

John Callahan Riverhead Building Supply

John Callahan President

Riverhead Building Supply Corp.


Jim McKenna has a background in our industry and presents qualified candidates with a high likelihood of success.  Other search firms ascribe to a quantity over quality approach, presenting numerous candidates whose qualifications can be marginal.

Jim McKenna at Definitive Search Partners understands that his success is not measured by getting someone hired.  He seeks to place qualified candidates with strong companies offering good careers.  

Credible effort.  Credible feedback.  Credible results.

David Domino Liberty Roofing

David Domino, President

Liberty Roofing Center


We have worked to bring on a number of candidates over the years who have succeeded in our organization. DSP taught me how to “think outside of the box” on potential candidates as their experience in understanding how skill sets in different industries could be brought to benefit my organization in the long run.

This thinking was not something that I always ascribed too but their professionalism and knowledge of our industry (and others) has led me to trust their judgement and rely on them for good, solid candidates time after time.

Hiring Options

DIY Hiring

Appears “cheaper” in the short run (but normally is most expensive in the long run).

Our first hand experience working in the Building Products and Commercial Construction industries gives us the ability to sell candidates on the job better than our competitors.

Work with Us

Our first-hand experience of actually working in the Building Materials and Commercial Construction industry prior to going into the search business gives us the ability to gain trust and credibility with the candidates we are recruiting.  It also gives confidence to the hiring manager that we understand what they do and what they are looking for, because we have been there.

Boutique Executive Search Firms

Anyone can say they are a recruiter and that they specialize in a particular industry, but do they?  A lot of the Boutique Search Firms hire people who have never recruited before or may have some recruiting experience but from a totally different industry and then call themselves experts in their new industry.

The Power of Passionate People

At Definitive Search Partners we are committed to helping you build your dream team faster,
so you can excel as the go to leader in your industry. In any organization you want to:

Get the right people on the bus

Get the wrong people off the bus

Get the right people in the right seats.

Build Your Dream Team Faster

with Definitive Search Partners

“What got you here won’t get you there”
Marshall Goldsmith ~

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You’ve worked hard getting your company to where it is today. Surprisingly, finding top talent is NOT the missing link …

Finding the RIGHT top talent is the key to creating the success you envision for your company’s future.

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“If I were running a company today, I would have one priority above all others: to acquire as many of the best people as I could [because] the single biggest constraint on the success of my organization is the ability to get and to hang on to enough of the right people.”

Jim Collins ~

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Definitive Search Partners
Recruiting Divisions

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Building Products Recruiters

➤ The Whole Building Envelope
      ➤ Industrial Coatings and Sealants
      ➤ Roofing
           ➤ Commercial
           ➤ Residential
      ➤ Siding
➤ Vinyl
➤ Cementitious
➤ Metal
➤ Wood

      ➤ Wall Systems
           ➤ Cladding & Sunscreens 
           ➤ EIFS
      ➤ Waterproofing
           ➤ Below and Above grade
      ➤ Windows
➤ Composite Decking

➤ Engineered Lumber

➤ Commercial
➤ Residential
➤ Industrial

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Civil / Commercial Construction Recruiters

Bridges, Tunnels and Site Work
➤ Commercial Construction
     ➤ Hospitals
     ➤ Schools
     ➤ Hospitality
➤ Retail
➤ Government
Heavy Construction
➤ Heavy Highway

How it Works

Definitive Search Partners has been the long time industry leader as the premiere executive search firm that recruits for all your needs in the building products and civil/commercial construction industries. We excel at delivering results sourcing A-players and top talent for you using our award winning 7 step methodology.

Who Uses Definitive Search Partners Executive Search Firm?



VP of Sales

Director of Sales

HR Directors

National Sales Director


Carla Hunigan

Carla Hunigan, Territory Manager Commercial & Residential


I had the pleasure of working with Jill during the time in 2020 when communities were on lock down and job loss was more prevalent than new opportunities. She is very professional, caring, and very personable. I felt very confident working with Jill. She helped me navigate a needle in the haystack opportunity each step of the way.

Her strategy with an array of tools and guidance ultimately lead me to a new industry and a new career. Her unique approach and attention to the details were the hallmark of my experience working with her. My goals were her goals and together we exceeded them. Jill knows how to deliver results and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking her professional services.

Jason Bond

Jason Bond, Territory Sales Representative: North Dakota, South Dakota, Western Minnesota

IKO Industries

 I worked with Jill when securing a job and she was phenomenal to work with. I could rely on her for advice at anytime and she always would get back to me. If you are looking to work with a recruiter I highly recommend Jill and her team you will get 5 star service!

Jill helped me through the process of getting a new job and I couldn’t speak more highly of her. Not only did she help me find the job, she helped me thoroughly through the entire process. She was friendly, available whenever I needed her, and continues to check in on me. Thanks Jill!

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